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A Practical Introduction to Soundinstallation

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Sound material as a projection surface of technical and cultural ideas

Course Description:

Music has the power to transport immediately emotions and moods to our senses. Installing a sound to a room or to a body has the ability to make the room reactive towards what happens in it respectively to interpretate body movements in a musical way. -- By configuring and programing Arduino-devices the abilities of sound installations are explored. All necessary technical skills and all necessary skills in music and humanities are taught in the course to keep the course open for both: representatives of the human sciences and those of engineering and informatics and by doing so, meeting the demand of interdisciplinarity claimed here.

Course Objectives:

  • Enhancing students' understanding of soundinstallation,
  • Enhancing students' understanding of musical theory and practice like counterpoint, harmonics, minimal music,
  • Enhancing students' understanding of musical acoustics like overtones, harmonics, resonance, reflection, wave propagation, tempered mood,
  • Raising students' ability to discover the spacial and emotional effects of sound,
  • Developing students' practical skills in C-programming and algorithmic composition.

Course Evaluation:

Students create a sound installation, framed by a descriptive text (10 up to 20 pages) and an oral presentation (5 to 10 minutes), whereas their work should reflect their progress in programing, musical theory and aestetical appreciation gained during this course.


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