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Artistic Research

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Phenomenological approach stimulating an interdisciplinary exchange between human sciences and engineering

Course Description:

Conceptual art can play the role of a trigger for a change in the personal point of view towards our environment. Starting with practical experiences e.g. by writing haikus or by listening to soundscapes, the work related approach and exposure to things are scrutinized. Finally a phenomenological oriented method is introduced, not only to analyse the way we see and handle things, but also to improve the way how we create them. To give a starting point also for technicians, coding works of multimedia art or an unusual technical device using Java/Processing is another main part of this course. The target platform can be optionally a PC or an android device. All necessary technical skills and all necessary skills in humanities are taught in the course to keep the course open for both: representatives of the human sciences and those of engineering and informatics and by doing so, meeting the demand of interdisciplinarity claimed here.

Course Objectives:

  • Enhancing students' understanding of conceptual art,
  • Raising students' ability to discover and scrutinize the metaphysics behind common methods in their working environment,
  • Developing students' practical abilities to create a works of multimedia art or an unusual technical device using Java/Processing.

Course Evaluation:

Students create a works of multimedia art or an unusual technical device using Java/Processing, framed by a descriptive text (10 up to 20 pages) and an oral presentation (5 to 10 minutes). This should be done in two steps: In a first step students identify and describe an area in their private or professional context where things seem to be seen or handled kind of distorted, e.g. caused by a non-adequate but common way of abstraction. In a second step the students should find an artistic way to let other people participate with their finding.


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